World Class Fishing on the Copper River

Want to catch more fish? Start throwing stones!



The Copper river is renowned for its huge runs of Kings, Sockeye, and Coho salmon as well as providing anglers with world-class rainbow trout fishing. The primary fishery however is dominated by the Copper river Sockeye season which has gained world recognition due the commercial fishing industry.

There are ample fishing opportunities on the Copper river almost year round and several guides and fishing lodges to accommodate even the most distinguished of anglers. Flyfishing, gear fishing boat and bank fish all take place throughout the fishing season. Hiring a guide to float the river is your best bet if you’re looking to have the ultimate experience, but bank access is fairly abundant you’ll just need to be sure the roads are open depending on the time of year.




Spring Chinook

Chinook salmon, also known as King salmon enter the lower Copper river as early as April. but the fishing generally doesn’t heat up until May. Bye June many Chinook salmon have made their way up to the Tonsina and Klutina rivers, which are also renowned fishing hot spots in the Copper river basin.




The peak of the Sockeye salmon fishing season on the Copper river generally runs from mid May to the end of July. This is the time of year anglers come from around the world to target the famous copper river Reds. Copper river Sockeye are known as some of the best eating salmon that can be found and generally bring top dollar at the fish market.

once you actually fish the Copper river and catch one of these fresh Sockeye, rest assured it will be the best tasting fish ever.     


Fall Coho

The end of the salmon season fishing season on the copper ends with decent runs of Coho salmon also known as silvers due to their ability to remain bright longer in fresh water that any other salmon species. The Coho run begin in the middle of August, peaking through September with a few stragglers remaining behind by October. Copper river Coho attain decent sizes with average Coho weighting from 10 lbs. and up


Rainbow Trout

From June to September trophy class Rainbow trout are abundant in the Copper river with peak activity firing up in August and September. Although not as popular as the salmon fishery, hitting the Copper for 18″ to 20″ furious fighters is well worth the trip.



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